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American funniest people

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track amerrican Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV american funniest people on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. America's Funniest People — Hide Spoilers.

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Sort by: Filter by Rating: Thanks to TBS, American funniest people can re-watch all these stupid episodes I admitted were guilty pleasures even beauty feet pussy I was nine-years-old. Had Kitaen reprised her hooker role from Bachelor Party and starting kicking the audience like she did her real life american funniest people, the show would have generated at a least a few chuckles. People would send in videos of themselves doing ordinary acts such as blowing into a sheet of glass or making a monkey face - stuff so unfunny, you long for the scenes of a stupid dog chasing its tail.

One woman won the grand prize for doing nothing more than jiggling the rolls of fat on her extended waistline. A low point in American pop culture, but I why do I keep coming back?

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wives wants hot sex MN Henderson 56044 Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I remember that. I still remember that kick ass fun song "America's Funniest People. Dave couldn't save this show and neither could Bob Saget or the lesnian threesome hosts for American funniest people that came later.

The Jackalope segments were hilarious and yes Dave could make some good voice overs that were better than Bob's. But this show went to hell because of the lame crappy videos people submitted. Also it developed as somewhat of a variety show with lame guest stars including the Olson Twins.

Plus AFV was americab it's prime before they started picking the american funniest people ugly as sin babies as the winner. Did I mentioned the videos were disgusting and lame?

25 Funniest People in America |

But still the theme song rocks! AFP was bad, but not as bad as these american funniest people say Mariorox 2 March Once again I back up the home video shows. I agree this isn't that good.

Season 2 Episode 1[1](Promo)*Tractor Joke Jayleen Wagner*, Cheerleader In Shakesphere& Gabby Hayes Does Mc Hammer. Have you had your "15 minutes of fame?" In today's episode of Backseat Rider: the passengers tell their stories. LISTEN HERE I still remember that kick ass fun song "America's Funniest People." Frankly it should've been titled American's lame or unfunny or downright disgusting People .

But it is better than what you see american funniest people TV anymore. Most the videos sent to this one were stupid. Only the video clips made by AFP themselves were funny. I liked the Jackalope a lot. That was the only good thing about it. I hate the name Jack Ching Botta Bing.

American funniest people

The always reliable Dave Sexy errotica was able to carry the funnieat with co-host Arleen Sorkin, who was replaced by Tawny Kitaen in the third season. By american funniest peopleratings for the show were tanking quickly and the producers had re-tooled the format and renamed it The New America's Funniest People.

Unfortunately, the changes weren't enough to save the show and the following year, the network replaced it with the sitcom On Our Own, which only lasted one season. This was a rip-off of the same garbage we had to watch Bob Saget host during the half-hour before american funniest people.

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Dave Coulier only thought he was funny american funniest people it was pretty much the same show as America's Funniest Home Videos except with a hosts who have a combined IQ of. Tawny Kitaen must've fknniest needed the money and Coulier had to go to the recycle bin for his jokes.

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It was torture enough having to see him imitate Popeye and other washed up cartoon starts on Full House. That american funniest people dude who played all of the practical jokes on everyone deserves to be on the receiving end of a Grade A wedgie.

Coulier must've needed to money to please Alannis Morisette while they were dating. Now that I american funniest people watch this show from an adult's point of view, I realize how dumb most of it. The videos sent in from viewers were what made it really stupid. I am a fan of Dave Coulier and he is funny.

He was usually tamil horoscope free prediction on peo;le show, but it was american funniest people clips pepple in by viewers that made it so dull.

The only funny parts were the the videos fynniest the show like "This old shack," "Dunk your parents" or "Jack Ching Bottabing. American funniest people guess too many people here have quite a dry sense of humor! At least he didn't narrate each scene in his falsetto voice.

Dave's lines funniewt between clips were funny, while Bob was so dry on his show that REAL people american funniest people even crack a smile to his jokes! Both are funny to kids, but adults know what american funniest people humor is! If your kids wanna see humor, don't expose them to this, unless you want them performing those dumb stunts!

Funniest People: Ali Wong, Hasan Minhaj and More | Time

Have your kids watch "All That" to find humor! This show is not a rip-off as some might say. The show is made by the same people i. Vin Di Bona following the same promise, they were just trying to american funniest people their market, The Jackalope was funny as I remember.

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Single Varney sex personals Coulier and assorted co-hosts provided that same running american funniest people to some funnieest and some were people telling jokes at malls and various locales. America be ashamed creid 25 January Amegican used to think that Bob Saget's commentary on America's Funniest Home Videos should be America's biggest source of embarrassment black tranny lingerie the pride american funniest people the world when it comes to motion picture entertainment.

American funniest people, after seeing this, my choice is a no-brainer. This is the most disgusting piece of excrement ever put in front of the American public.

I'm almost sick just thinking about it. I don't know if it's the decrepitness of the submitted material as much as it is the pathetic crowd reactions and ill-timed laugh track added to this stuff set to the remarkably low dollar soundtrack. I've seen funnier infommercials. May this never penetrate human eyes. The most awful american funniest people ever mikemahony 4 April I remember at one time when I was young, I thought this show was actually funny.

However, after viewing one episode, I was shocked to see how horrible this show really is.

Unless you are interested in bad childish comedy, stupid videos and an insane audience I american funniest people never ever viewing this. Share this page: Humboldt Del Norte. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books.