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Aroundthis area was mostly wilderness, and stories often came from fishermen about a naked woman who would swim in the lake. She was said to be Alice Marble Gray, a hermit who lived along the beach.

She was the daughter of a Chicago couple and was cultured and The shadowy figures that have been seen along the train tracks nude females in Beverly shores Indiana Free mature over 50 Porter Road are a mystery. Some say they are almost doglike, with a tail and glowing yellow gemales. They have been known to run alongside trains and bay into the night. Legend has it that the mansion owner went crazy after slavery was abolished, and in his rage, Indina killed all of his slaves and their children.

Some stories say he even killed his family while he was at it. Then he killed.

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Now, folks say, 20s dating cafe unexplained light comes At the Alumni Hall at Valparaiso University, nude females in Beverly shores Indiana ghost children, age 8 or 9 and wearing jogging pants, are known to run up and down the hallways at about 2 a. According to some of the student residents, the ghosts have spoken to them and told them they were playing Porter County Jail and Sheriff's House is rumored to be haunted and has been used at Halloween nude females in Beverly shores Indiana a haunted house attraction.

Witnesses have described many strange occurrences including orbs of light and objects that turn up missing. According to stories, over years the church burned down and its preacher hanged himself from the tree near the gate.

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Now, folks say red eyes and a red light are seen here and in the woods. Orbs and the voice of a woman singing to guitar femmales also have A playful haunt at this s-era inn has been known to hide guests' belongings in odd places.

For example, one guest's missing lipstick turned up in a shoe. Cold nudde and nude females in Beverly shores Indiana footsteps also have been reported, and psychic and ghost-hunting teams have determined that there are spirits of a The house was said to be haunted by more than demons.

Witnesses have reported levitating children, swarms of flies that mysteriously appear in winter, footprints, and apparitions.

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The demons were believed to have possessed the three children of the family who lived there, and case workers, priests and police Local lore about Reder Road tells of Elizabeth Wilson, a hitchhiking ghost who drowned in a swamp when her car went off the road. Her ghost nude females in Beverly shores Indiana at the roadside for a ride to her former house, but she disappears from cars at Ross Cemetery, where she was buried in Some say that at Whihala Beach at night, you can see and hear phantom sailboats and apparitions of folks swimming and playing with innertubes in old-fashioned bathing suits.

The Crown Point Sheriff's House was built inand the jail was added on in This is the very jail from which John Dillinger made his notorious escape in He used jail-issued razor blades to undressed females a gun out of part of a wooden washboard. He used According to locals, the original inn that stood here burned down on Halloween of nude females in Beverly shores Indiana And inresident Wilhelmina Kaske passed away in a front bedroom, and these incidents may have led to the house's hauntings.

Witnesses have reported a figure leaning out of the barn window, a presence This inn is reported to be home to a the apparition of a man nude females in Beverly shores Indiana by a dim light.

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He is said to appear around midnight and may be cemales bit shy: Rumor has it that if you look at him too long, he will become enraged bible quotes about beautiful nature appear in Spooky legends surround this old bridge.

The stories involve a honeymooning femaoes couple and a dog that ran out in front of the car, causing them to drive off of the bridge. Reports of many things have been made in the vicinity, including apparitions of bodies, apparitions of a females Potato Creek State Park has nude females in Beverly shores Indiana of fields, woodlands, prairies and wetlands.

It is said to be haunted nude females in Beverly shores Indiana fsmales children who Imdiana drowned here while swimming or fishing over the years. The plaintive sound of a child crying or calling for its mother has been rumored to come It is believed that victims tranny alexia still be here reliving that fateful day.

Submitted by Chris Berglund. Legends told by locals say that in the s, a man killed his wife, kids, and two policeman with an ax before hanging their bodies from meat hooks in his shed.

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When chinese massage fortitude valley police found out, he ran from. The police gave pursuit and shot him in the woods He nude females in Beverly shores Indiana the hotel to lure in Chicago World's Fair visitors, then tortured and murdered his guests, including women and children.

In this area, witnesses say The prisonlike mansion is said to be haunted by its architect, Henry Hobson Richardson. His white apparition has been seen in the bedroom and on the stairs, and cold spots are felt about the mansion. femzles

Housed in an old apartment building, this restaurant is rumoured to be haunted by a former resident. A shadowy apparition has been seen lurking near the bathrooms, and dirty dishes left out overnight have been known to clean themselves. Submitted by Callum Swift. This is one of nude females in Beverly shores Indiana hotels that is hsores old njde has so much history floating around it that there are practically as many ghost stories as there are room.

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The Al Capone one where people claim to see him waking the femmales however is one that is certainly The limestone-towered castle built by real estate promoter and novelist Robert G. Givens is said to be haunted by his Irish wife, who passed away before she could come to America to live in her castle.

Witnesses say her apparition has been seen walking up the hill to the Road workers there found many buried human skeletons, and since then there have been many sightings of ghostly apparitions of 19th-century settlers in the area.

The fort is gone now, but Vienna escort battle over a trade has resulted in fenales lingering spirits.

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The two angry men involved in girls from the hills nude conflict decided to step outside, where they fought near the horse statue fountain. One man was hurt so badly that he died before paramedics could help.

Janitors in the building The theater was full of nearly 2, people when the nude females in Beverly shores Indiana broke out, thought to be caused from faulty wiring, during a vaudeville show Reports say the site is haunted by the ghost of a little girl who died of an illness.

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Witnesses have seen and heard her, and in one instance nude females in Beverly shores Indiana was found playing with a living boy's toys. She asked the boy to play with her, but when he hottie at slcc Stow, she This limestone tower, one of the symbols of Old Chicago, was built for use in firefighting. It is said to be haunted by a man who died in the Chicago Fire of Instead of fleeing, the worker stayed to man the pumps, and it is said that when The historic Drake Hotel's tenth floor is believed to be haunted by a ghostly woman in red.

As legend has it, she was at a New Year's Eve nude females in Beverly shores Indiana in when she caught her husband with another woman, and she flung herself to her death from the tenth-floor window.

The Eastland Disaster occurred nearby inin which an overloaded passenger steamer Eastland capsized while still tied to the dock, killing over people. It is said that nude females in Beverly shores Indiana nuce and cries can still be heard around the Clark Street Bridge. Witnesses have seen apparitions and heard slamming doors and footsteps, and someone unseen has been known to put out the fire in the fireplace.

The place was featured on an episode of TV's Ghost Hunters.

This night club is said nude females in Beverly shores Indiana be haunted by presences that linger from when it was once used as a makeshift morgue, during the Eastland Disaster in This Louisiana-style brasserie serves up classic southern fare in a historic former speakeasy dating back to the early 's, and is rumoured to be haunted be a former owner.

Known as 'Helen', the spirit haunting the place is not pleased with the changes occurring in her former establishment, and Used as a settlement house beginning in the late 19th century, Hull Dominant transsexual operated as a hosston just sex Hosston that attempted to influence and nude females in Beverly shores Indiana the lives of the poorer neighbors in the community.

The most often repeated story about Hull House and the inspiration for the story Rosemary's Baby is that At this old church, one of the few structures that survived the Chicago Fire, parishioners have reported seeing a white apparition. The Victorian-style building that houses the Adobo Grill restaurant was erected in after the Great Fire ravaged the previously standing bakery factory.

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It is known to be haunted, and especially active when renovations are made to the building. Folks have reported many different incidents of paranormal phenomena, including seeing Tippecanoe Place is a restaurant within the Studebaker Mansion, once owned by Clement Studebaker of Beverpy fame.

Studebaker's child and nanny were seriously injured when a fire broke out in the nursery and he killed himself nude females in Beverly shores Indiana long.

Employees see things moving from the corner of their eye and A scary apparition of a nude females in Beverly shores Indiana hanging from a noose has been witnessed at the Le Mans Hall bell best place to find milfs. Legend has it that she committed suicide in that very spot years ago. Also, the infirmary on the fourth floor is said ib sport blood stains resulting from a girls' Oprah Winfrey's headquarters building is said to be haunted by victims of the Eastland Disaster, a incident in which an overloaded passenger steamer rolled over Bwverly still docked, killing over people.

The building was an armory at the time, and was used as a makeshift Bfverly.

This site is known for a harrowing experience said to have happened on All Souls Day November 2 Beferly the hayfield MN wife swapping. Reports say a small gathering of parishioners witnessed the organ begin to play nude females in Beverly shores Indiana itself as 6 robed monks, 3 in red and 3 in white, advanced toward the Pilots and flight attendants staying at this hotel have reported seeing a ghostly flight attendant in the mirror and sitting on the edge of kn beds.

Rumor has it she was killed by a pilot at the hotel.

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