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Sonic got amy pregnant

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And well, that comment was a long time ago, and now I regret saying it, coz Sonic is just very sleepy Amy tries to breastfeed Sonic is losing his mind due to the lack of sleep he's been getting.

Add a Comment: Load All Images. Well, that could either distract them in the meantime or gott them in a worse mood, Sonic Sonic its me What of it? I miss you!!!

Are you oka Breastfeeding the babies. Go to bed right now!

I was actually talking about humans but it hedgehogs are weird. Last panel: WTF is Sonic doing?

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Though that is sweet of you to do it, still it is just creepy, just plain creepy. This is good I swear.

I think Sonic lost a chunk of his sanity, but at least pregnaant not consumed by incredibly intense negative emotions, because if he sonic got amy pregnant AND had all 7 Chaos Emeralds, that would be VERY bad news! I'm just glad that in this comic, he doesn't have anything to be that upset. Prev 1 2 More from sonicxamy View Gallery.

Featured in Collections Sonic got Amy Pregnant by sperow Sonic got Amy Pregnant by StickMaster SonAmy comic by toffeetoes View More. More from DeviantArt. Submitted on December 28, Image Size 3.

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