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Forums English Only English Only. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your wikl before proceeding. Thread starter Niko1 Will cater to your needs date Nov 6, Niko1 Member Miskolc, Hungary. I always use "cater to" and have checked the print version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, which also includes will cater to your needs example using "cater to.

In BE, if cater means provide food or other things as required by someone, it is cater. If cater means the same as pander - to satisfy a particular desire or longing - then it is cater to.

The MW definition suggests a similar distinction in AE. It sounds a bit will cater to your needs to me. You guys are fabulous, thank you very much! To me, they bear the same meaning.

I don't if it is true or false. For me, there is a difference: I cater for the catering company; that is, I work for. We cater to people of all ages. Heredianista Senior Member Portland, Maine. My own experience corroborates what JoanTaber you, and what rovi posted on an "English Study" forum page: While I agree that the example of "cater for" offered by JoanTaber works and makes sense, when I hear "cater for," I don't think of an individual working for a catering company.

Rather, I think of: On the same "English Study" forum page is a definition of cater vater that is exactly what it means to me: Nunsmere Hall can cater for receptions of up to people. In American English, you say you cater to a person or group of people In British English, to cater for something means to take it into account.

In American English, you say you cater to something It's a good day when that happens. Best, H. They are which ultimate beautiful woman are you in the.

You can't just say that they are diffetent because of their specificity.

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That is like saying "Let me read to you," instead of saying "Let me read for you. But ultimately, it's sex dating Boston Massachusetts same purpose. Last edited: Jan 17, Jan 18, Again, I see your point, but your making it a lot more complicated than it will cater to your needs to be. Which, would please the one being catered.

Andygc Senior Member Devon. Chris K said: They're not practically the.

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Andygc said: I will cater to your needs that ho cater to the repected recipient of your services - We cater to the nobility. Catering for is more a matter of solving a problem. Of course you can regard the recipient of your services as a sort of problem and cater for.

It's the difference between providing a service and doing a job. Ugh, I don't understand why you'll are being so anal about the specifics Assuming that we are all native speakers, which Will cater to your needs am, when reading something that has "cater to," I still understand what's being said in the context. I could needd see it would be necessary to correctly utilize either "to" or "for" after cater if it was on an English exam in college as English as your will cater to your needs interest of study.

Assuming that we are all native speakers.

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Ugh, I don't understand why you'll are being so anal about the specifics. Jan 19, But as in the examples I cited, there is generally a clear distinction in meaning. Someone who "caters to" does not necessarily "cater" will cater to your needs all, because "cater," without "to," is now only used in the strict sense of providing food for payment at weddings. There's a difference between providing "some kind of service" or showing deference of some kind and what we mean by "catering.

EStjarn Senior Member Spanish. Am I understanding it correctly?

EStjarn said: Yes, you are. In your text, the meaning of 'cater to' is similar to that of ' suck up to '.

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It's not necessarily as negative as. It can simply mean 'spoil''coddle' or 'indulge'. EdisonBhola Senior Member Korean. How about for tastes, such as in music, fashion, or arts.

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Based on the discussion here, we should say "cater TO different tastes"? For example, "Our music shop caters to a variety of taste" is correct and "Our music shop caters ndeds a variety of taste" is wrong.

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EdisonBhola said: Jun 15, Silver Senior Member Chongqing. Thanks a lot for the clarification of these two phrases, I wonder if I used the phrase correctly and naturally: We catered for 40 but only twenty came. wilp

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I expect he will be able to cater to your particular needs. Thanks a lot. Sep 30, I grew up in California. Silver, in your second sentence, the correct word is 'to. With all due respect, Andy!

The meanings of 'cater' that are central to the thread have to do with indulging, pleasing, or providing a type of service or product. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 10, You must log in or register to reply.